Last Dance for Studio B

studio b

After a tough 2008, the beleaguered Brooklyn nightspot Studio B is set to close its doors after their scheduled New Year’s festivities. In the summer, the club was forced to shutdown after violating the terms of their fire code and eliciting the ire of their neighbors after opening an outside patio space; but they’ve bounced back since, hosting some of the afterhours events for Minitek back in September and resuming full operations over the fall.

Unfortunately, the good times weren’t destined to last. John Davis of JD Productions, the organization that handles Studio B’s events, has chalked the venues failure up to its inability to maintain relations with promoters and properly develop their nights. In the end, it’s just another reminder of just how harsh an environment New York City can be for clubs and promoters alike, with Studio B becoming just another casualty on a quickly growing list of former hotspots that have failed to live up to expectations.

In the meantime, Studio B will still be open and operational through the end of 2008. Their New Year’s Eve blow-out will go down as planned, as well as Blk⎪Market Membership’s New Year’s Day afterhours featuring Echospace. So, if you were one of the many who held a special place in their heart for Studio B, make your way out to pay your final respects.

Words: Carl Ritger

Darren Ressler

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