Read a Lost Frankie Knuckles Interview from 2010


Newer Big Shot readers might not know that we published a print edition from 2003 to 2010. Much like this website, the endeavor was a labor of love. While I’m not one to be nostalgic, I’ve been looking at back-up files of the magazine. In the light of time and maturity, I’m amazed and proud of the terrific articles our rag-tag team of writers and photographers were able to pull off on a shoestring budget.

What struck me most is that the last page of the final issue is an interview with Frankie Knuckles. What a happy accident.

Frankie was one of the first DJs I ever interviewed in the early ’90s, a time when house music got short shrift in the U.S. media. A fan of his productions and DJ sets, I reached out to his then manager/Def Mix partner Judy Weinstein about interviewing Frankie for Option magazine. Before I knew it I was sitting with the Godfather of House at his apartment in the East Village, a nicely organized flat full of vinyl, vinyl and more vinyl.

Every time I saw Frankie after the interview — whether he was shopping for records at a local record store or DJing at a club — I’d always get a big hug and a few minutes of the Godfather’s time. I’m humbled to present this interview conducted by David Abravanel, who also interviewed Frankie at Electric Zoo in 2009 (see the video below). — Darren Ressler, Editor Continue Reading