Video Premiere: Ulli Bomans – “Screensaver”


Producer/visual artist Ulli Bomans, who also records as Schieres and works with T.Raumschmiere on Shrubbn!!, continues his sonic explorations on his second album, Sort By Dragging, for Berlin-based Shitkatapult. While most electronic music focuses on hedonism and instant gratification, Bomans boldly navigates his music through a gloomy crevasse where many of his peers would fear to tread. We’re pleased to world premiere the music video for “Screensaver” — a haunting, beautiful track on Sort By Dragging — directed by Bowmans. He uses the clip to express his feelings about the deepening refugee crisis in Europe.

“Day after day we get news about people that lose their lives when trying to come to Europe by crossing the Mediterranean sea,” Bowmans tells us. “This bothers me and somehow I feel helpless about it though it happens so far away from my life here. I feel really uncomfortable sitting in my comfortable environment whilst others die on their way to what should lead them to our side and finally to a saver and better life. Sometimes it’s hard to find suitable words if you want to talk as an artist about things that touch you. ‘Screensaver’ is an attempt to picture this situation.”

Darren Ressler

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