Disclosure Talk ‘Caracal,’ Musical Evolution & Sam Smith [Video]


Disclosure‘s Howard and Guy Lawrence spoke about the musical ethos behind their upcoming album, Caracal, and why they always believed Sam Smith was destined to be a star, at Capitol Records’ third annual Capitol Congress held August 5, 2015 at the ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood, CA.

Due out September 25 and featuring collaborations with The Weeknd, Miguel and Lorde, Caracal includes slower tempos and is a departure from the house and garage tracks that informed their 2013 debut, Settle.

The Lawrences report their R&B leanings received a warm reception on their recent European tour went down extremely well, and they’re eager to present more songs from their upcoming sophomore effort.

“We’ve been in rehearsals a lot…we did a big test run in Europe and we played some good festivals,” said Howard Lawrence. “It’s looking good. I just can’t wait to put the whole album into the show, you know, because we kinda tested a few songs and once people know them it’s going to be amazing.”

Watch the video below to find out more about Caracal and their relationship with singer-songwriter Sam Smith.

Image by David Becker

Darren Ressler

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