Video Premiere: Watch Life on Planets at Wolf + Lamb’s Marcy Hotel Party

Life on Planets

The record label and artist collective known as Wolf + Lamb run by Zev Eisenberg and Gadi Mizrahi are one of the most forward thinking indie labels out there. Known for steadily issuing the most savory electronic music, the imprint continues to broaden its artistic footprint by working with a acts such as Soul Clap, Nicolas Jaar, Voices of Black, PillowTalk and newcomers The Waves & Us.

Enter Baltimore duo Life on Planets (pictured above) to W+L’s burgeoning empire. Melding delicate electronic beats mixed with a folk sensibility, their “A Public Affair” 12″ out on Double Standard at the end of August follows their self-released single “Apollo” released earlier this year.

In March, the emerging group debuted their live show at Wolf + Lamb’s party at Marcy Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and we’re elated to debut a video documenting their memorable performance.

Patrick from LoP fills is in on how the group formed, where these young soul rebels are aiming to go and that magical night at the Marcy Hotel which was fortunately documented on the video above:

“Life on Planets stemmed from a merging of worlds, exploring all these microcosms of social groups, memories, thoughts and personal experiences. All of life’s intricacies to balance and navigate; with different avenues such as love, astrology, religion, family, peace, and growth…it’s as if we are living many different lives all at once. We travel between this reality and that, searching for purpose and meaning. Is it all something or nothing at all?

“We met underground in the warehouse studio scene and saw eye to eye, and after some trials, tribulations and refinement on our own we were called upon by Wolf + Lamb to play their spot. We’d never seen anything like it. They had a crew of folks setting up the show, decorators, photographers, geishas, hook ups around the neighborhood, the works. We had a great time playing, and the crew was very cool and welcoming. Plus, the crowd knew what was up. We grooved together, which can be hard to find sometimes. I could tell we were in the right spot and all was right in the world that night. Everyone was having a lot of fun goofing off at the show as you can see in the video. It was a great introduction to the Wolf + Lamb crew.”

Darren Ressler

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