Kerri Chandler’s 5-Minute Pre-DJ Set Rant at Rex Club Paris: Cool or Not Cool? [Video]

Kerri Chandler

Veteran deep house DJ/producer Kerri Chandler had a few things he wanted to convey before starting his set at the Legends party at Rex Club Paris on Sunday. In a five-minute rant caught on video, the esteemed jock pledged his allegiance to house music and offered to pay anyone in the club who wasn’t aligned with the music he was about to play. “If you want commercial shit, Kerri Chandler will pay you right now to get the fuck out,” he bellowed in a passionate diatribe filled with expletives. Was Chandler simply speaking from his heart? Was there something else informing his words? Watch the video below and be the judge.

Darren Ressler

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