Zoo Brazil 5 Tracks of the Moment


Veteran DJ/producer/remixer John Andersson (a.k.a. Zoo Brazil) has been bringing unique musical ideas to the dance floor since the ’90s. To date, the Grammy and Brit Award-nominated Andersson has released over 160 singles and eight albums under various monikers during his career.

2020 is proving to be an exceptionally active one so far. In February, he returned to Norman “Fatboy Slim” Cook’s Skint label with his righteous house anthem “Your Love.” Previously, he dropped Lost In Waves, a diverse six-track EP, on John Digweed’s Bedrock in January.

With a new album and other releases in the pipeline, you’ll be hearing a lot more from Andersson in the coming months. In the meantime, we checked in with the Swedish master and asked him to share his five tracks of the moment. Continue Reading