Court Order Bans Resident DJ From Spinning at Competiting Club

A funny thing happened to DJ Inquisitive on the way to his gig at Avalon in Singapore on August 8 — a court injunction filed by LifeBrandz, the owner of Zirca, a competing club where he’s a resident at, legally prevented him from playing the gig. Breach of the injunction could’ve brought the DJ a fine and/or jail time.

The story goes that DJ Inquisitive told Zirca’s brass in late July that he wanted to leave Zirca, but the club says otherwise. LifeBrandz chief executive Bernard Lim told The New Paper that DJ Inquisitive has to give four months notice in order for the club to find a qualified replacement. Said Lim, “A lot of people go to Zirca because of (DJ) Inquisitive. He has his followers. He’s popular, clearly one of Singapore’s top three home-grown DJs.”

Locals say the injunction is a first for the Singapore club scene, but as competition becomes stiffer for local DJ talent this type of legal maneuvering could become more frequent in the near future.