youANDme 5 Tracks of the Moment


Martin Müller and Daniel Stroeter united around 2006/2007 to form youANDme. After producing tracks for labels (Rotary Cocktail, Cocoon, Rekids) and DJing together at clubs all over the world, Stroeter left to pursue a career in architecture. Müller, who runs a handful of labels, continues to helm youANDme as a solo project, championing an eclectic soundscape that’s woven together with threads of house, techno, electronica and dub.

The Berlin-based Müller just released his Pattern of Greed EP on Steve Bug’s much-loved Poker Flat label. The raw title track is a smoldering affair, featuring the soulful voice of Ingrid Arthur, a former member of The Weather Girls (“It’s Raining Men”). The release is rounded out by a wicked remix crafted by Cologne-based producer/Gewölbe Club resident Jonathan Kaspar and the sinewy jam “Stretch.”

Before leaving to play gigs in Australia, Thailand and Switzerland, Müller found time to share his five track of the moment. Continue Reading