2017 Rewind: Wudec


How was 2017 for you?
Wudec: It was a highly busy, but amazing year! After five years of event organizing, I’ve decided to take some time out and try something new. I’ve made a life-changing decision about moving to London and opening Farsighted Records, a new label along with Alicja Lilianna Szpila. I feel like I was reborn.

My biggest success was composing and producing music for a theatrical spectacle “6888.” I’ve also recorded a very important to me EP, Absolution, that contains remixes from Kuba Sojka and Michał Jabłoński, two Polish producers who I respect a lot.

I did lose a lot of precious time that could have been spent on much more important things.

Song of the year?
It’s very hard to choose only one. But maybe “Only Once Away My Son” by Brian Eno and Kevin Shields.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I would like to learn a couple of new, inspiring things not only music related.