‘Inside Out’ Aims to Blur the Line Between Album and DJ Mix

will saul inside out aus music

As pied pipers of their respective dance floors, DJs lead their faithful flocks. But when it comes to DJ mix compilations, their musical vision sometimes doesn’t become a reality due to budget constraints, licensing issues or a multitude of other reasons.

Aus Music label head and DJ-Kicks curator Will Saul has come up with a concept he believes will reduce friction and truly empower DJs to create transformative mixes. Enter Inside Out, a new series on Saul’s imprint established to give DJs total control by incorporating all-new, unrelased tracks cut by the producer or their peers. Inside Out will be available digitally and on CD, while a selection of the tracks will be pressed on double gatefold vinyl.

Saul is at the helm of the series’ innaugural release on March 30. His mix features tracks by homies including Pearson Sound, Move D, Gerd, Youandewan, Martyn, Falty DL, Appleblim and Marquis Hawkes.

Obligatory press release gush from Saul on the idea behind his new endeavor: “I wanted to try and recreate the feeling I used to get in the 90’s when you went clubbing and heard your favorite DJ play but had never heard the vast majority of the tracks he/she was playing. Your mind would be constantly blown by hearing totally new music for the first time. We’ve pretty much lost this with the proliferation of online mixes, Shazam, early EP premieres and free streams.”