Wearable MIDI Ring Controller Puts Your Finger on the Pulse of Music

wave ring genki instruments

Genki Instruments’ Wave Ring is a wearable MIDI controller that allows users to control sounds, effects and send commands with the motion of your hand. It’s one of the cooler tech inventions we’ve seen as of late.

Wave Ring was created in collaboration with musicians. Here’s how it works: a user slips on the ring and then has the ability to control and manipulate sounds and effects by simply waving their hand. Pretty cool, eh?

The Iceland-based team behind Wave Ring first developed the idea about three years ago. As the product evolved, the company later launched a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. Reaction among techies was enthusiastic to say the least — the results of their campaign far exceeded their $30,000 goal. To finalize the product, Genki Instruments partnered with Anamaly, an award-winning design firm, and Haltian, a product development manufacturer

The MIDI device can be connected to turntables or just about any instrument that runs via a computer. It can also be paired with bluetooth devices running most software production software and apps.

The unit ships in April and will be available for$200. If you act now, one can be yours for $129 on Indiegogo until the end of the month.

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