Deadmau5 Proposes to Kat Von D on Twitter (She Accepted)


Back in November DJ/producer deadmau5 announced on Twitter that he had broken up with his girlfriend Kat Von D after a two-month relationship. “Going to spend a little while screwing my head back on,” deadmau5 tweeted. “I guess I’m not cut out for relationships right now. And…it happened too fast, I lost my balance and fell into a familiar dark place. That place that I’m having difficulty with.” She deserves someone stronger,” he added. “That’s it for the personal stuff…on with our regularly scheduled deadmau5 crap.”

On Saturday things had apparently changed between the couple when Deadmau5 took to Twitter and tweeted:

Deadmau5 proposal Kat Von D

Von D accepted and tweeted:


Deadmau5 tweeted:

deadmau5 shit

The couple have yet to tweet announce their wedding plans, but one can assume we’ll be hearing a lot about them (as well details about their relationship once they tie the knot).

DJs Don’t React to Forbes’ Highest-Paid DJ List on Twitter

DJs regularly take to Twitter to express their feelings — to promote an upcoming release or show, vent or share thoughts or be a little silly with their followers. With Forbes (a business new and financial publication that’s become obsessed with DJ culture) recently publishing its list of highest-paid DJs (see below), we thought Twitter would be awash with commentary — both positive, negative and indifferent — from DJs.

Well, we scoured Twitter looking for opinions on the aforementioned topic and came up empty.

Aside from a congratulatory tweet from Dillon Francis and retweets of the article by Addison Groove and Funkmaster Flex, even the most opinionated jocks were silent on Forbes‘ list. Even more curious was that not one DJ had a word to say about DJ Pauly D of MTV’s Jersey Shore fame earning an estimated $11 million.

Perhaps the old proverb is true after all: when money speaks, the truth is silent.

Forbes’ List of Top-Paid DJs

1. Tiësto: $22 million
2. Skrillex: $15 million
3. Swedish House Mafia: $14 million
4. David Guetta: $13.5 million
5. Steve Aoki: $12 million
6. Deadmau5: $11.5 million
7. DJ Pauly D: $11 million
8. Kaskade: $10 million
9. Afrojack: $9 million
10. Avicii: $7 million

DJs React to Paris Hilton’s DJ Debut on Twitter

They say bad things come in threes. In the world of dance music, Pendulum and Swedish House Mafia called it a day, and socialite Paris Hilton made her debut this past weekend at a party in Brazil. If you’ve seen the video from her performance (see clip below), then you’ll know that it isn’t a stretch to say it was an epic fail on many levels. While some gossip sites have declared Hilton’s set a success, it hasn’t gone down well with DJs and many took to Twitter yesterday to express their disdain. Florida breaks champion DJ Icey called her inroads into dance culture “a mockery” while trance jock Christopher Lawrence wondered, “Is this what EDM has become? Perhaps the best comment we came across was from a fan on YouTube who wrote, “I wasn’t even there and I want my money back.” Have a look below at what a few DJs had to say about Hilton’s maiden DJ voyage. Oh, and if you were wondering what Afrojack thought of his ex’s set, well, his lips were sealed.