2019 Rewind: Transparent Sound

Transparent Sound

How was 2019 for you?
Orson Bramley: 2019 seems to have passed so quickly for me. I’ve been really busy pushing the the label (Orson Records). Not sure how I managed to squeeze it all in, but I’ve now had five new releases on the label from some amazingly talented artists like Carl Finlow, Mesak, DeFeKT and Point B, and three releases on the Transparent Sound label with some lovely remixes from Acidulant and Empty Orchestra. I was over the moon to finally get a fresh new Transparent Sound album out, especially now that I’m solo. It felt important to me to achieve this and it feels like a real turning point in production and sound and made me very happy seeing it so well received as well.

Getting the labels up and running again and getting the album out and so many fantastic artists onboard. I’ve also really enjoyed playing DJ sets more than i used to; in the past I was mostly playing live … although the new Transparent Sound live set is sound great. I am looking forward to getting that out into the clubs in 2020 and the bookings are starting to come already, but I’m loving playing all vinyl DJ sets loads too.

I’ve had some ups and downs in my personal life as I’m sure many others have, but I’m trying to harness the positive energy and push on in a most positive way possible, create great things for myself and others around me.

Song of the year?
Always a hard question to answer and to narrow down, but I love the Luke Vibert album on I Love Acid, and Animistic Beliefs’ “Mindset Reset.”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Always a hard one but usually the same old things we all want I guess – to live a healthier lifestyle, become a better person, and make lots more music obviously. I really want to start recording another album and release next year. Something completely different, maybe under the Empty Orchestra name. have a few Transparent Sound remixes coming as well from John Selway, DeFeKT and Ben Pest.

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