Radiohead Artwork Collected in Paperback

Dead Children Playing Stanley Donwood

Just as the trippy, canyons-of-your-mind album art of the ’60s became inextricably associated with psychedelia, and the slash-and-burn, cut-and-paste minimalism of the DIY punk era was accompanied by its visual equivalent, so did the elliptical, dystopian aesthetic of Stanley Donwood become an indispensable part of the multi-media experience that is the Radiohead universe. Donwood has been Radiohead’s go-to artist ever since The Bends, working in collaboration with a mysterious being known only as Dr. Tchock (more about him in a moment). And now that art will be available in a paperback format for those who want to soak it up without having to peer intently at CD inserts.

On July 7, Verso Books will publish the cheerily titled Dead Children Playing: A Picture Book (hey, it’s a Radiohead art collection, you were expecting maybe something sunny-sounding?).

And not only will Radiohead lovers be able to avail themselves of the images they’ve come to know and love over the years, there will also be some previously unseen artwork featured in the book.

Oh, and about that elusive Dr. Tchock — well, here’s a hint: it’s been suggested by some that his real name just might rhyme with, um, Zom Zorke. You didn’t hear it from us.

Watch Thom Yorke DJ in Palm Springs [Video]

The second weekend of Coachella kicked off on Friday, and while things were heating up at the festival in Indio, CA, Radiohead’s Thom Yorke was DJing at a day party not too far away in Palm Springs at The Ace Hotel. In the video below, Yorke seems to be in the zone, throwing down a set of underground tunes while the crowd watches in awe. Yorke’s mixing skills ain’t half bad, either. Check out the clip below.