The Glitch Mob Remixes Metallica for X Games

The Glitch Mob Metallica Remix-X-Games

L.A.’s The Glitch Mob have spent several years perfecting their mix of electronic textures and rock influences, but that blend has reached a new level with the trio’s reinvention of a tune by the world’s most celebrated metal band. The Mob will be sharing a bill with Metallica and Nicki Minaj at the 2015 X Games Austin, taking place on June 4-7, 2015, and to salute their fellow X Games group, they’ve offered up a sizzling remix of Metallica’s “Lords of Summer,” a song that serves as the official anthem of X Games Austin this year.

In The Glitch Mob’s official statement on the remix, which is available now for free downloading and streaming, they state, “Metallica is one of the greatest, heaviest, and most significant bands of all time. They defined heavy music as we know it today. We listened to their catalog religiously. And Justice For All is one of the greatest albums ever—it has an immersive narrative, deep emotion, and gnarly power.  Our mission has always been to bring that same raw energy into our own electronic music. It was a true honor to remix Metallica: to collaborate with our heroes.”

Judging from the blend of electro energy and metal muscle that defines the remix, the trio’s love letter to Metallica will not go unread.