Album Review: Lovelock / ‘Burning Feeling’ (Internasjonal)


The fresh-faced, nubile electro of Steve Moore cannot help but dangle on the high wire overlooking the cheese pit. After all, in space travel, the preferred mode of travel for Burning Feeling, the moon is supposedly made of cheese, what with the Whitesnake guitars on “Love Reaction” and “Maybe Tonight” almost overdosing on hairspray. Using ’80s fluorescent flourishes to tag along with the cosmic disco bandwagon (“The Fog”), Lovelock plays it relatively safe and isn’t committed to putting much of a personal stamp on stock sounds. So if you find passages cringeworthy, they were like that to begin with: these eight tracks sound exactly how you remember the synth-pop/electro experience, and Moore is unequivocal in his goals. In places your mind will wander to protein pills for breakfast lunch and dinner, and galaxy commuters playing the ultimate odyssey-writing superhero.

The unavoidable fixation on the space-bound spreads to the touching, beautifully poised lovesong “Don’t Turn Away,” and the digital meets analogue, astronaut meets girl “South Beach Sunrise”, doing chillout that will live through the ages. The astral setting also provides a shiny sense of both peril mixed with excitement streaking across “New Age of Christ,” as Lovelock departs through a thick fog of dry ice. Easy listening that has traveled through time, and is conversant in all dimensions.
File under: Zombi, Gianni Rossi, Titan