Essential Albums for July 2015


Beginning July 10 music-buying fans will need to remember that new releases will be available globally on Fridays. Why? Good question. Setting a universal day to release music is an effort by the music industry to allow fans worldwide to get new music on the same day. It’s also supposed to reduce piracy. Will it work? Who knows. While a few countries like Japan will preserve their traditional release date, all you’ll need to remember is that Friday in 45 countries are the new Tuesday when it comes to buying new jams. (In case you were wondering, #NewMusicTuesday will be replaced by #NewMusicFriday on Twitter.)

And speaking of new music, summer begins with blazing hot full-lengths from established electronic music icons to emerging artists. Here’s our picks for the month listed in no particular order. Is it hot enough for you yet? Continue Reading

Essential Dance/Electronic Albums for March 2015


Yeah, it’s cold as hell almost everywhere on the planet but thankfully that hasn’t stopped March from coming in like a lion with four weeks of amazing new music. House, techno, downtempo, bass, experimental — it seems that there’s something for everyone this month. Here’s our curated list of March’s most essential releases listed in no particular order. Continue Reading

Essential Dance/Electronic Albums for February 2015


Music is everything. It’s what helps many of us find the strength to keep on keeping’ on and it has the power to touch us in a meaningful way, send chills down our spine or simply make us smile, dance or go freakin’ mental. February is a seriously great month for electronic music. Sure, The Prodigy are dropping a new album, but there’s so much more to explore beneath the radar. It’s all documented here on our curated list of essential releases presented in no particular order. While you’re reading it feel free to smile, dance or go freakin’ mental. Continue Reading

12 Essential Albums For October 2014


Autumn is one of the best seasons of the year. With milder temperatures and the changing of colors of trees always comes great music. October 2014 is shaping up to be an exceptional month, with new albums from a plethora of new and established dance and electronic acts. Okay, enough of the small talk. Without further ado, here’s our picks of the most essential releases of the month (listed in no particular order).

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