UK Garage Legends So Solid Crew Return with Live Dates, Best-Of Collection

So Solid Crew

Influential UK garage act So Solid Crew took the world by storm in the early 2000s, bringing dance beats to hip-hop and innovating a DIY sound whose ripple effects continue to be felt. After enjoying global success with massive singles like “21 Seconds” and assorted hits, the collective (whose ranks swelled to 30 at one point) encountered its share of challenges with rapper Asher D going to prison in 2002 on gun charges, ex-producer Carl Morgan being convicted of murder in 2005 and assorted other brushes with the law.

After staging a comeback show in March, the Crew are heading back to the world stage.

On September 6 they will perform at Ibiza Rocks Festival and then kick off a five-date UK tour on October 1. All of this is timed with the release of an 18-track best-of collection, Solid Soul: The Best Of So Solid, out on September 30, featuring their new single “‘UK Hot Wid It” and two new songs, “Bagpipes” and “Emergency.” The compilation will also include top 10s from members Lisa Maffia, MC Romeo and Oxide & Neutrino.

While there’s no word yet on live dates outside of the UK, member MC Harvey made news in July when he took to Twitter in expletive-ridden rant after So Solid Crew were dropped from the line-up for Lovebox festival.

“Yes #LoveBox is canceled because another artist don’t want us on the same stage as them. UK artists blocking SoSolid #Wow,” MC Harvey wrote, before adding: “We sell out the indigo! we are doing the 02 arena,we gave artist careers and they still treat us like cunts.”

Here’s hoping their upcoming live dates go a bit smoother for the Crew.

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