2017 Rewind: Skydoll


How was 2017 for you?
Skydoll: 2017 was amazing for us! We released our debut single “Feel You” featuring the incredibly talented soul sensation, Timotha Lanae. We have been overjoyed by the tremendous reception the track has received.

Attending Amsterdam Dance Event in support of “Feel You” and meeting so many inspiring artists and creative people. The love and generosity we were showered with by this community blew us away!

The Las Vegas massacre. This targeted act of violence, along with similar assaults at Pulse nightclub in Orlando and Bataclan in Paris, were directed at people coming together to enjoy music. What the perpetrators of these acts do not understand is, you will never silence the music! Love is stronger than hate.

Song of the year?
Thomas Blondet’s remix of “Blue Birds” by Ammoye & Rise Ashen. A blissed out beauty of a track!

What’s your New Years Resolution?
To put together a live experience so we can perform the studio creations we have been producing in front of an audience.