2017 Rewind: Sirus Hood

Sirus Hood

How was 2017 for you?
Sirus Hood: It was a very interesting year musically. I wanted my sound to evolve; it took me the whole year to achieve my objectives. I invested in a lot of analogue machines in order to have a similar result as our fathers in the ’90s. My music became warmer, and is already appreciated by most of my favorite DJs. I signed some of my new tracks on some of my favorite labels. 2018 will be hot for me.

For the first time I played Afrika Burn in South Africa. This is the African Burning Man but with less people, around 13,000. It was amazing. It was the first time I camped in my life!

It was a helpful experience because I was also invited to play at Dirtybird Campout in California where I stayed few days in a tent! I loved it so much. The vibe was really special — incredible artists, beautiful people.

My residency in Ibiza, for Audio Rehab at Eden, was great too. This island is my favorite place on earth.

I think most artists experience bad moments but don’t talk about it. Like when you put yourself in question, when you have disagreements with your team, when you get ripped off by the people you trusted, when your shows are cancelled because ‘the headliners’ team are doing politics … I hate politics in the music. Most people don’t imagine what is behind the scene, and it’s not always beautiful. But I try to not share this negative vibe and keep it to myself.

Song of the year?
Jaden Thompson’s “All Day” (Original Mix) (Cuttin’ Headz)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?  
Start [practicing] yoga. Eat less meat and more organic. Work out more (like I say every year ahah). Develop my spirituality. Get high.

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