DJ Culture Infiltrates North Korea

DJ culture has infiltrated The Hermit Nation. Yes, North Korea, a totalitarian state where a ruthless gang of thugs politicians and military figures syestmatically starves and imprisons its people, denying them of the most basic human rights, will get its first DJ event, Shake Your Mass Games!, on August 13.

According to City Weekend, the idea came about earlier this year when North Korea-based musician David Thomas Broughton came to play some shows in China. Shanghai’s DJ BO, a.k.a Brian Offenther, helped him with local promotion and says what he wanted in return was a chance to DJ in the DPRK. He floated the idea to friend Simon Cockerell of Koryo Tours and after a few months of planning they can now say it’s definitely going to happen.

DJ BO says he initially wanted the party to take place at a pool, but party rules limit such gatherings to events playing only North Korean music. Instead, he’s bringing his party to a karaoke bar that holds around 100 people.

BO plans to spin classic rock and “fun tunes to get people dancing,” adding “I heard the Kim family loves Eric Clapton, so I promise to play something for them.”

No word yet if dictator Kim Jong-un will make an appearance with his new squeeze, Hyon Song-wol, a married pop star who his late father, Kim Jun-Il, prevented him from seeing 10 years ago. For the unaware, Ms Hyon has stormed the North Korean charts in recent years with songs like “I Love Pyongyang,” “Footsteps of Soldiers,” “Excellent Horse-like Lady” and “We are Troops of the Party.”