2017 Rewind: Samurai Yasusa

Samurai Yasusa

How was your 2017?
Samurai Yasusa: 2017 was a year of exponential growth for my brand (plus other aliases under me) and myself personally. Having to juggle music as a career for the first time after a long time of doing music, seemingly became a sweet challenge which I believe I’m quickly overcoming.

A lot of highlights this year, ranging from my music supported by giants like Black Coffee to debuting at OppiKoppi festival in South Africa to having my remix being nominated for the Dance Music Awards – Best Remix of The Year 2017. But the biggest highlight for me personally was being able to gig in Botswana for the first time, which also gave me chance to feed from its cultural influence and ended up curating some material I will be dropping later in my career.

Not winning the Dance Music Awards – South Africa remix of the year 2017. LOL.

Song of the year?
Mabiisi’s “Baakoya” (Armonica Remix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Constant growth and more content

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