2019 Rewind: Richy Ahmed

Richy AhmedHow was 2019 for you?
Richy Ahmed: It’s been an amazing 2019. DJ- and music-wise it has been one of the busiest years I’ve ever had playing amazing gigs and festivals. The music I’ve been producing as Richy Ahmed, and through the Love Hrtz concept I have been doing with Jansons, is definitely some of my favorite stuff I’ve ever done.

My label, 432HZ, has been going from strength to strength, and I am on to my 14th release. I’m super happy with them and the remixes I have been able to do while the releases have been amazing: Roman Flügel, Kalexi, Dennis Ferrer, Mella Dee and Special Request to name a few.

The parties also have been going really well. I had a residency over the summer at Watergate which was amazing. I’ve recently had another 432 party in London E1which absolutely went off. Plus, I’ll be topping off the year with my first 432 at WHP in the new venue which I’m super happy about. We will definitely be scaling the frequency of the parties and size in 2020 – gonna take the brand worldwide.

So many to mention but at first thought is that Glastonbury was amazing – all three gigs I had were next level and just the experience itself. It’s always my fav party and this year was an especially good one.

All three of the open to close sets I played at amnesia this year for Elrow were amazing. Getting to have main room in Amnesia to yourself for nine hours is very special, and when the place is rammed from 1130 makes it even better.

WMC was a real highlight for me this year. I haven’t been back for six years due to visa issues. It was my first time not only playing in Space but actually going there – defo one of my favorite clubs in the world. I think I was in there for around 40 hours in a three-day period.

Can’t complain about anything really. With my schedule being so busy sometimes the travel can get a little intense but it’s a job at the end of the day you have to take the rough with the smooth. Oh, and my visa renewal got delayed for my last U.S. tour in November, and I had to cancel some gig.s I was super excited for so that was a bit of a nightmare.

Song of the year?  
Too many to mention. I love Gene On Earth and his track “Like a Glove.” It’s one of my faves – amazing fast-rolling bass, bleepy top line and quirky vocals you can play in any type of set.

Another fav of mine is Matrefakt’s “Back F’amour” feat. Poppi. These boys are ones to watch out for – amazing big-room disco track with original vocals by Poppi I thought it was a sample. I was so blown away by her voice. I’ve hit her up and we will be doing something in the studio this month plus hopefully the boys will be releasing on 432 in 2020.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
It’s a common one: I need to pack in smoking!!!!