Review: S.P.Y. / “Sunship” / “Acid Trip” (Spearhead)


Experience a trip into the solar system and take a ride on the “Sunship.” With textured atmospherics, this is beautiful, engaging, deep and subtle music. It slowly builds into more of a deeper, darker exploration, as the echoing synth and vocals kick in. This is gorgeous and dreamy, but with a serious rolling b-line and grounding drum kicks. After a mid-way breakdown, “Sunship” becomes a littler more stripped back, and a little more unnerving. Spaceship-style synths and warping bubbling noises return, and we explore the unknown.

“Acid Trip” kicks off with synths that tip-toe like dancing fairies in order to introduce the main tune. The sounds slowly develop, morphing out of one and into another, expanding, like a psychedelic circus of sounds. Warped, weird and wonderful as it builds into tune, “Acid Trip” has a deep, dark b-line; it sounds experimental and trippy, and the track takes you outside your comfort zone. It’s not really one for the dance floor, but good for home listening/mind expansion.
Belinda Rowse
File under:
Bungle, Lomax, Subterra