Compilation Review: ‘A Long Hot Summer’ (Nite Grooves)


Anyone with a tiny knowledge of Chris Brann, Nite Grooves and the relationship between the two should work out where this mix is headed immediately. The involvement of Kerri Chandler and Tiger Stripes hands out extra clues as well. Deep funky, suntanned, endlessly bassed house is presented by the Wamdue man on a golden platter like some kind of DJ butler who cannot do enough for you. Pristine beats that aren’t in the business of overexertion, usually because it’s too damn hot to get worked up, are stroked by the accordions of the Groove Assassins-suited “Time Is Now” by Lips, the flamenco guitar of Soundealers’ “Keep On,” and smooching keys/Latin admiration pretty much everywhere else. Two thirds in there’s a little consternation detectable lead by Franco de Mulero, amongst an otherwise unflappable and technically faultless set, as vocals stay in tune to palm tree sways and Brann remains a master of holiday slinkiness settling in all the right open air terraces and afterparties.

If you’re a novice to deep and sensual sounds this is a great place to start when picking your poolside loungers, and you’ll feel looked after. For those in the know or who have copies of Fire Flower or Morning Light still on their shelf, this is nice, if a little like taking the same vacation year in year out.
File under: Ananda Project, Joi Cardwell, P’Taah