Nicolas Bougaïeff 5 Tracks of the Moment

Nicolas Bougaïeff

Classically trained French-Canadian techno artist Nicolas Bougaïeff recently released his Principles Of Newspeak album on his Denkfabrik label. His full-length includes three tracks from his Cognitive Resonance EP marking the return of NovaMute, a sub-label of Mute Records, whose amazing heritage dates back to 1992. A cavalcade of innovators were aligned with the imprint before it went dormant — we’re talking heavy hitters like Si Begg, Luke Slater, Joey Beltram, Emmanuel Top and Miss Kittin — so it’s evident that Bougaïeff is in good company.

In addition to producing hard-hitting, pulsating tracks, the Berlin-based multihyphenate has collaborated with Max Cooper and runs Liine software, a startup backed by Richie Hawtin.

As Bougaïeff winds down a productive year, we stole a few moments and asked him to fill us in on his five tracks of the moment. Continue Reading