Compilation Review: ‘Geddes pres. Mulletover – The Story So Far 2004-2012’ (Murmur)


Praise be to the power of bass. Because up until the halfway stage of Stuart Geddes celebrating eight years of Mulletover, the UK club night that has since travelled the world from starting as a London warehouse reviver, it’s a set of deep house that’s perfectly fine, warm, alluring and ideal late night/early morning mating dance material involving James Teej and Maya Jane Coles. Just a bit, same old same old for detracting deep house non-getters.

Then Geddes drops Shall Ocin’s “Movin On.” The sexy get sexier because of a bassline underscore that’s of a filth where the tough get going. It’s followed by Ethyl & Huxley’s “3 Feet High,” another bass-bolstered groove turning the well-heeled into fiends for the low end. The two are a mid-album pivot that really jolts you, takes the mix out of context without compromising its ideals and temporarily changes the session’s whole perspective. And not even with bass that’s complicated.

Admittedly the rest of the cast, featuring tracks and remixes by Scuba, Nina Kraviz and Phonique, return to the womb-like glow Geddes sets, not caring when bedtime is, pieced together with a contradicting timeframe (eight years celebrated, where the oldest track is from 2009). This is a mix where you probably can’t beat the experience of being there, but for ten minutes or so the game is raised.
File under: Mic Newman, Tom Demac, Metrika