Compilation Review: ‘Paper Cuts #1’ (Paper Recordings)


About the biggest sweat the rejuvenated Paper imprint induces is a perspiring big toe, tapping to the disco glories of Crazy Penis and The Treatment, breeze and flutter from Mudd & Keyboy, and Latin blooms inspired by Brennan Green. No nasty nicks here from the Northwest of England and its Paper trail that stretches back to the mid-’90s.

Disc one in particular is fulsome of its encouragement to work on your tan. Don’t you dare exert yourself; even if Dicky Trisco and 2 Billion Beats come through with a little more of a can-do attitude, Jamie L and Atjazz will suavely and contrastingly float you back down, and don’t ruin the moment by chatting idly amongst yourselves either. If it’s deemed background music acting like wallpaper up in the club, you should therefore be hugging the walls in appreciation.

Disc two continues to deal in comforts and classic house themes. There’s Ralph Myerz and Jamie L for a second time woozily eliminating aches and pains, astral aromatherapy from Leca, and slightly more knuckling down where Kahuun and especially Neil Diablo set the compilation’s teeth to temporarily chomp down on the bit. Generally the spoonfuls of sugar expand and progress, and who wouldn’t want to be waited on by characters called Sleazy McQueen and Flash Atkins?
File under: Daco, Proviant Audio, Mic Newman