Premiere: Monomood – Dronje


Born and raised in Dresden, Germany, Jens Tozzberg (a.k.a. Monomood) has been exploring music since he moved to Berlin a decade ago. After a stint forging tracks in the realm of drum n’ bass, he moved on to seeing what techno, house, dub, ambient and a host of other styles have to offer.

Now a devoté of dubby techno, Tozzberg will release Unexpected Perceptions, his three-track vinyl debut on the Dresden-based Etui Records, later this month. In addition to boasting three monumental cuts, the Unexpected Perceptions EP features artwork by Daniel Madlung that’s based on a photo of a rock formation at Sydney’s Bondi Beach by Oliver Hartmann.

Ahead of the EP’s release on April 28 we’re extremely pleased to world premiere “Dronje,” a spacious dub-ambient cut. It’s laden with razor-sharp strings and haunting melodies bathed with delay that invoke elements of all of the genres Tozzberg has investigated. Listen below and enjoy.