Compilation Review: ‘Too High to Move: The Quiet Village Remixes’ (Pyramid of Mars)


Too High to Move paints the picture of lazy, hazily eyeballed summer-of-lovers ushering the sunset into their inner circle, then warming their hands around it campfire-style. Hallucinatory deep house and brick-building ambience of twitches and scrabbles, one man’s finding of inner peace is another’s paranoid episode, particularly with the discord evident on the chord clanks of François K and rattle for Toby Tobias and Bubble Club. The expansions of the mind go way beyond the immersive, as per the super long length of the remixes looping in ever decreasing circles. Not to be dismissive of where these mixes are starting from, but Maxxi and Zeus are focusing on their own game, whether that be shaking you without stirring or leaving you wide-eyed.

Quiet Village’s Matt Edwards and Joel Martin wake and elevate from and for a dormant state, whether that be from the outback wilderness of Allez Allez’ “African Queen” and Ronny & Renzo’s “Uniqorns” full of chirruping crickets and lizard clicks, or plumping the cushions of a sensory deprivation tank for Mudd’s “Speilplatz” to heighten cosmic disco’s Balearic pull. Luger E-Go and Mark E & Dragon are the leading beneficiaries for when the stars come up and then go out, to the sound of an at ease trudge barely leaving footprints in the sand. Essential grooving from the comfort of your La-Z-Boy.
File under: Low Motion Disco, Lindstrom, Prins Thomas