2019 Rewind: Max Durante


How was 2019 for you?
Max Durante: It has been a very constructive year. I created many records and I have many productions ready and delivered to the labels, all finished and ready to be released in the 2020!

I performed in many events that left me with great emotions and great confidence for the near future! I created several remixes and reached more fans.

2019 was the year were I performed more frequently at the legendary Berlin Tresor Club – it’s my favorite club with a strong DJ booth!

I signed to another important label, the aufnahme + wiedergabe, where my EP entitled Order and Chaos came out four months ago. In the spring of 2020 my next EP entitled Fear and Desire will come out!

My next LP will be released on the legendary Hands. 2019 was a year where I locked myself up in the studio and where I still am! I need to say a creative and visionary year. For me it was a limbo for the upcoming Future!

I have achieved many goals but these are the ones that left me the most enthusiasm without a doubt:

My Order and Chaos EP on aufnahme + wiedergabe: The long stay in the studio gave me the right beat, a great satisfaction! I received tons of emails and messages on social media from fans and DJs from all over the world about it.

The legendary Hands label will release my new LP. That was another great achievement! I still didn’t tell to anyone I have not yet publicly announced the news! But I did it now; it happened around the end of November and it’s a fresh news.

My closing set at The Krake Festival…

Huge moment during Krake Label Market: The presentation of Order and Chaos with my streaming set on BE-AT.TV February 22, 2019 Sonic Groove meet Tresor an unforgettable event. 

My performance at the Geneva Zoo … where I met UVB.

The event with the Mitchell brothers: Adam X and his bother Frankie Bones! I made the closing set as usually happens to Tresor people they didn’t want to go away after a six-hour long DJ set!

The event with the Renton Crew at the Affekt club in the province of Rome – a nice experience. People who take care of the details means that they love!

When I performed during the 28 years of Tresor Records another evening that didn’t want to end. Tresor is emotional!

The experience on the HÖR radio with my streaming: was one of their first live mix session streaming and it was a success, I am happy to have contributed to their growth, they are an efficient and determined team, I decided that from 2020 I will make a periodic radio show!

The last Sonic Groove we made in Milan a few months ago!

When I met Parrish Smith after we had been writing for months. I went to visit him here in Berlin during his performance at a new club near my house, but I didn’t knew it at the beginning that the club was close to me. But something at beginning went wrong. It was late at nite, I was tired and I was just come out of my studio. I was totally distracted. I went to their organization page I saw the address I traced with my phone without evaluating if it was correct or not, and … I ended up outside Berlin. I wanted to die (ha ha ha), to go there and comeback it took me three hours. I wanted to beat myself.

In the end it seemed like a spell that didn’t want us to meet! The surprise (for what reason I write this) was to have known a brilliant person, a person very similar to me, with a relaxed mood but with a great personality, a tempered character but at the same time a rebel, who listens and is open to reflection, knows no judgment but can bite if necessary. We probably have something in common we can talk but we can also be silent!

 2019 = many emotions

Fortunately none.

Song of the year?

Hard to name just one, but I have a particular track that I’ve played almost always in 2019…

“Eternal Return” by Tymon on Perc Trax

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Mny surprises, many ideas, including a radio video program in streaming that will be called Dead on Monday. I’ll do it every last Monday of the month starting from January on HÖR in Berlin.

I would love to discovering new nations, new cultures and be able to bring my sound everywhere. I spent almost of the 2019 in the studio creating mines, now it’s time to launch them! I predict that the years 2020 would be a magic year with a magical number. It is the gate of the future. But I’m scared of the climate change, honestly. We need to take care about the health of the Planet Earth, now that we are in the future we must evolve, because we are in bad shape!

Stay true, stay underground

Image by Andreina Sergi

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