2017 Rewind: Marcelo Demarco

Marcelo Demarco

How was 2017 for you?
Marcelo Demarco: It year was very productive for me, with ten tracks released and a four-track EP ready. I can say that I managed to develop the sound of my production and I finally reached a level which I am really happy with. I enjoyed the time in the studio very much and I can say that feels like an addiction, the more I produce the more I want to spend time doing it.

Having the chance to do what I love would be the main highlight; however, I will say that playing at Sankeys Ibiza and reaching the Top 17 on a Beatport chart really made my year.

The downside of spending so much time in the studio is not having too much time left to do other things, which I probably regret, like not being more in the DJ booth in contact with the people. I think this is at the end the real goal: to make them dance, and I love to see it.

Song of the year?
This is a very difficult one … but for the sake of choosing one I would go with “Midfield” by Luigi Madonna & Roberto Capuano (Original Mix) released on Second State.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I have a few projects that I want to finish, including a downtempo album. I would say that my resolution would be to organize my time in a way that I can have more fun with the crowd.

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