Watch Bob Sinclar Test Drive His $257,000 Ferrari 458 Spider [Video]

If anyone knows that there’s big money to be made DJing, remixing and producing, it’s Bob Sinclar. Having steadily crafted a slew of house hits like “Love Generation” over the years, the mega successful Sinclar, who also co-owns Miami Beach nightclub Amnesia, decided to realize one of his dreams and buy a Ferrari 458 Spider. While on tour in Italy Sinclar paid a visit to Ferrari’s Maranello test track, and he talked about why he bought his dream car that sells for a cool $257,000.

“The brand is a legend, and you buy a legend,” Sinclar says in the video clip.

“In my music, the sound is something very erotic,” he goes on. “The beats and the body and how you sweat…the people in the clubs. It’s almost the same when you drive a car. You have a contact with a machine, the sound of the engine is behind you and it’s like a symphony.”

If you can watch the video below without being a tad jealous, well, you’re a better person that we are.