DJ Shadow Receives Apology from Mansion


DJ Shadow has received an apology from Mansion nightclub in Miami after he was taken off the decks due to not playing commercial enough music. Shadow has taken the incident in stride, tweeing: “I appreciate everyone’s support. Obviously I should have never been booked there in the first place. Square peg in a round hole, etc.” The iconic DJ/producer has promised to post the mix from the night at some point. DJ Shadow plays one more show before the end of the year on December 29 at Fort Mason Center for Wintersalt in San Francisco. Here is Mansion’s full statement.

“We offer our most sincere apologies to DJ Shadow and his fans for his set being cut short at Mansion this past weekend. This error should not have happened and will not happen again, especially as we pride ourselves on creating an environment that cultivates and respects innovators such as DJ Shadow. We have learned a lot from this error and made changes within our organization to ensure that Mansion’s vision, and the vision of our guests, will never be compromised again.” -Mansion Nightclub, Miami