2019 Rewind: Keith Carnal

Keith Carnal

How was 2019 for you?
Keith Carnal: 2019 was a great year! First of all, I’m very grateful for getting to play in so many clubs/venues/festivals/etc. Really cool that I get to do this for a living, even though it’s my hobby. The greatest part is that you get to see and meet so many people which you wouldn’t have otherwise. Really glad I got to tour the U.S. twice, went to Australia and South America! Secondly, I got to release a lot of music and I discovered a lot of great music. So all in all, it was a good year!

Making my album, which was a great creative journey. No boundaries, no thinking: “Will this work in a club?” Just producing what I like and releasing it. Great thing was, that I got a lot of great feedback from a great variety of artists and music lovers.

The news from the municipality that I couldn’t build my studio in the garden, the reason I moved there in the first place. But luckily I found a studio, shortly after that news.

Song of the year?
Well, song of the year, hard to say. But I played Planetary Assault Systems’ “Give it Up” the most I believe. It was in nearly every set I did last year.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Make more music and make another album. Wasn’t enough in the studio last year, which is a no-go for me.