2019 Rewind: junk-E-cat


How was 2019 for you?
junk-E-cat: 2019 was a great year for the creature. My first EP, Kreatur, came out in May followed by the latest single, “Treature,” and I’m even cooking up more music as we speak. I also feel 2019 was the year where I found the perfect team to realize my creative world.

Melt 2019. I played twice at 5am on top of my fire truck, luring people from the festival area to the so-called sleepless floor, a bit like a new age pied piper. Making so many people dance was such a great rush.

Another highlight was making the video for my track “Levitation.” We had the use of a whole private airport, and we coordinated a dramatic performance on top of the moving truck. Everything was over within a couple of hours, but it was an amazing experience.

The massive setback with PledgeMusic at the beginning of the year. Fans and supporters gave their hard-earned cash so kindly and we were all ready to be funded to make and release the record. And then PledgeMusic collapsed and the whole situation left us and the fans empty-handed.

Song of the year?
I’ve listened to so many wonderful and inspiring tracks this year. If I need to choose one right now, it would probably be “The Righteous Mind” from Throwing Snow’s latest release.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
More music, more shows and more urban exploring and more adventures for my fire truck.

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