2017 Rewind: Javier Carballo

Javier Carballo

How was 2017 for you?
Javier Carballo: 2017 has been a great year with many changes for me. I moved to London and started a new label with my brand party, Under Your Seat. I played a lot around the world and also finished important work in the studio.

I have three in mind. First was the premiere of my new project Terms last August in Escena, Las Palmas. It was really great to play whatever I wanted and needed without dance floor pressure… dropping a mix of house, electro, techno and classics bombs during an exciting three-hour set.
The second one was playing in Bar Américas, Guadalajara, the house of my friends Hector and Pinto. Such an amazing and unexpected night. From 2am the dance floor was packed. I played three hours and another four hours more b2b with Pinto. The club had to close just because there wasn’t any tequila left. And the last one was at Output in Brooklyn at the Vatos Locos special party. At the beginning, the party was supposed to be on the rooftop but because of the rain we had to move to The Panther Room. Hector, Sece and me played b2b for six hours, enjoying the amazing sound system and the good tequila.

Honestly, I’ve been really lucky. It has been a really successful year in every way.

Song of the year?
John Dimas’ “Multiverse” (Raum Musik). It was edited last November 2016 but I couldn’t stop to playing it in 2017.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Less party, more work! Hahaha not. I’m really excited about all the new projects coming in the next year. After my Silver Smile EP on Vatos Locos, I’ve got some remixes ready for “Decay,” “Focus on Egoless” and “Moan” and also have a new EP on Blackwood Records with Yaya on remix. Moreover, new interesting stuff from my alias Terms will land along next year. It definitely looks like it’s going to be an another important year for me.

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