Album Review: Philip Bader / ‘Wishful Thinking’ (Highgrade Records)


Philip Bader conveys a sensory/headachey experience that’s defiantly not a sensual one. Although the nefarious sounds can be a turn on, Wishful Thinking is of fairly Spartan, methodical bass-lead convoys where all beats are of an upright, mostly buffed resolution. The way the Berliner strengthens his authority is actually a converse and initially strange, but in the end well worked ploy, introducing grey-washed soul and post-pop featuring vocalists Ja Hier and Anna Luca, allowing him time to prep the dance floor once more for strict instruction.

Away from the meat and potatoes deep acid of “Deep End,” Bader recalibrates cosmic disco by attending to its dark side, a civilization looking to smother the glitterball, as per sour double bass funker and excellent ringleader “Soul Food.” On the techier side, “Good for Nothing” is quick on the draw with a raygun on its hip, and logically leads to the sense of danger quickening, though “Miles High” does have half an eye on the clouds.

Philip Bader watches deep and tech house unfold cross-armed like a dance floor sentinel, knowing he’s done a good job. Wishful Thinking is for those that enjoy being alone with their thoughts.
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