Heartthrob 5 Tracks of the Moment


Mostly every story that’s been written about Berlin-based mixmaster Jesse Siminski mentions three things: 1. He’s been releasing music under the Heartthrob alias for nearly a decade. 2. He’s released tracks on high-profile dance labels including BPitch, M-nus, Hot Creations and Mute. 3. He launched his own ISNISNT label in 2013. While we do live in an era where not everything you read is entirely accurate, we can confirm that all of the aforementioned is true.

But what seems to get underemphasized is how his work within house and techno has been nothing short of transformative. To Lil Louis’ point on “New Dance Beat” of “dance floor boredom and copy machines spitting out song after song,” Siminski saw the future and has been a consistent champion of bringing innovation to the dance floor.

Siminski kicked off 2018 in fine fashion by presenting Heartthrob’s magnificent Nairobi Candles: Burning Bright EP for Seth Troxler’s mighty Play It Say It label. On his three-track return to the label, he offers a trio of bewitching tracks peppered with sweat-inducing percussion, memorable melodies and savage synth work.

With the EP now available at all fine digital music emporiums, we checked in and asked him to fill us in on his five favorite tracks of the moment. Continue Reading