Hanne Adam 5 Tracks of the Moment


Hanne Adam is a Berlin-based multidiscipline creative who specializes in music production as well as photography, film, graphic and sound design. Under the umbrella of her Adamned.Age alias she has forged a forward-thinking musical signature encompassing electronica, dub, downtempo and experimental.

So far 2017 has been a pretty monumental year for Adam. She self-released her debut EP, Living in a Damn Age, a bold sonic document of her evolving style. It set the stage for her brand new Trust Love EP on Amselcom, featuring beautiful, evocative washes of synth-driven melodies juxtaposed with gentle beats. The EP is rounded out nicely with choice remixes from Italian duo 2040, Rome-based Dragos Sulgheru and Dutch producer Trippin Jaguar.

As Adam plots her next release, we checked in and asked her about five tracks that are currently providing her with musical joy and inspiration. Continue Reading