2017 Rewind: Greencross


How was 2017 for you?
Greencross: It was the best for me year professionally speaking [knocks on wood]. This year I’ve launched alma.audio, a company that helps artists and people launch and maintain record labels. I’ve had the pleasure to help friends like Paula Cazenave, DJ Murphy and Gayle San successfully launch and run their labels, freeing them from the intrincate work of label management.

Musically speaking it has been a great year for my label, Different Is Different Records. Finally we got to sign an old friend that was long overdue on our label: Funk D’Void and his remix for Ken Ishii’s “Malfunction Manipulation.” That’s after receiving the great news of Ken’s decision to sign his next original to the label. I also managed to finish my own remix of “Malfunction Manipulation,” which will be the last of the three tracks for this single release. We also discovered great new artists like Ejwt, Black Tetra, Alout, Mooz and more! Also in December we presented our first label night in Austria with Tom Hades!

Pretty much it has been all great. Besides the inevitable deaths of people I was very fond of and the draconian system that rules the earth and its inhabitants, enslaving us and stripping us from any human trait we were given at birth. But that’s life I guess.

Song of the year?
Sascha Zastiral – “Utopia” (Original Mix)

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I never make one! But my resolution every day is to make the best for tomorrow with what I have today.