What Every Music Junkie Needs: A Wireless Vinyl Player

Most turntables are designed for DJs playing in a live environment, but what about the music fiend who doesn’t partake in crowd rocking, beat matching, scratching or other forms of turntablism? Designer Kőrös Benedek looked at this very issue and created the Golden Era, a slim, minimal and compact vinyl player. The circular deck features advanced technologies like DLNA and Airplay allowing seamless, wireless connection to speakers.

If you press the center of the player, the turntable rises so you can take off the record. It’s white edge is made up of three rings that perform different functions, the inner ring sets the tempo, the middle ring controls the volume, and the outer ring is for searching, starting and stopping a record.

The turntable is only a concept for now, but wouldn’t it be great if it were available by Christmas?

via PSFK