2019 Rewind: Glenn Scott

Glenn Scott

How was 2019 for you?
Glenn Scott: 2019 was the best year so far since [I launched] my production career. I managed to make a track almost every week. This is also the first year that I really managed to develop my own sound. I also really went looking for serious record labels. Previously, I was happy when a small label wanted to release my tracks but none of the labels did anything about promo after the release. I am very happy that at the end of 2019 IAH Records was interested in my tracks. Since I signed up for this label my tracks are doing much better in a short time. It motivates me enormously and I hope to be able to work with this label for a long time to come. So 2019 was a very good year!

The release of my debut EP Reflections Of A Soul and gain a foothold on American soil. The American market is very important for European producers since electronic music has been revived there, and I’m very glad I managed to do that. I got a lot of tracks ready for release so I hope America is ready for the underground house sound of Glenn Scott!

Hmmm… I really can’t think of one. I said earlier that 2019 was a good year and it really was. Besides my music I also changed jobs this year, and I managed to find a new employer where I like it very much so no lowlights for me this year.

Song of the year?
I don’t have one. I like a lot in the house genre and find it too hard to pick one of them. By the way, not only in house music. I’m a music man and find a lot of music very good. I listen to how the productions is done and to its depth. If a song gives me goose bumps, it’s good for me. And that can be the case in different genres.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
It would be nice if one of my tracks would be picked up by one of my favorite DJ/producers. So I’m gonna work hard on even more quality and perfecting my sound by investing more in hardware. So…save money!

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