2017 Rewind: Funkerman


How was 2017 for you?
Funkerman: It was a year of personal and musical growth. I released a full disco album [Straight From The Heart] to challenge myself to get rid of my old habits in the studio. That was amazing to do and it helped me a lot to do a lot of cool things after that, which I’m still very happy with.

My second album, being really happy on all my gigs with the music and most of all I’m always happy with my group of friends that have been with me since day one!

Sometimes you make the wrong choices trusting people and sometimes that backfires. At least for me some negative shit tries to follow me and I ain’t having that. 😉

Song of the year?
Definitely “Cola” by Camelphat & Elderbrook. When I heard that for the first time I was convinced that it would go really well for them. I’m glad it did and it’s well-deserved for the guys.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
I want to be better in my trade. I’m always trying to learn better ways and new techniques in my productions and studio work. Besides that I really like being in the studio so it feels really comfortable being in that 4×4 room as much as possible.