Album Review: Addison Groove / ‘Transistor Rhythm’ (50 Weapons)


Antony Williams will forever be judged by the irrepressible “Footcrab.” If you’re after more of the same crowd-slaying, booty bass-beating juke that sends vocal samples spinning in the middle of a game of sonic tetherball, you do get cruder incarnations “Bad Things” and “Beeps” both featuring Spank Rock, and “Starluck” dishing out drum machine punishment. The rest of his debut LP refers to his breathless calling card, but in a slower and chunkier format of torrential up-down drum kicks and cowbells, and Chicago prototypes dragged down by low-end weight.

Whether athletically muscular or inexplicably ponderous (“Ass Jazz”), Transistor Rhythm stands for a kind of primal tribalism, with “Dance of the Women” mixing up high-speed carnival and indigenous flavors. In fact it can get a little too clunky and unsophisticated — “Sooperflooper” and its fizzy riff are out of keeping – as Addison Groove strips down the ultramodern facade to create a weirdly clever paradox, or con trick, of future-past, until he has cast himself as “Homosapien beating drum harder and harder.”

A compact album that barges through the front door, rattles the place and leaves its quaking upon a relatively hasty exit, Williams is unable to replicate his hit work with something that you’re happy to be thrown around the club by. At the very least, those that just love noise will get on board immediately.
File under: Headhunter, Lazer Sword, Blawan