Lukid / Foma (Werk Discs)


Lukid burst on the scene back in 2007 with the release of Onandon, an album that found the young English producer fusing dubstep’s bass-heavy wobble with the blunted hip-hop stylings of Madlib and DJ Krush to thrilling effect. Foma is the follow-up, and, thankfully, Lukid seems to have dodged the dreaded sophomore slump in fine style.

He’s still mining the same fertile sonic ground, but he’s clearly refined his approach; in fact, Foma is a near flawless album. If there’s one complaint that can be leveled against it, it’s merely that some of the tracks are just too short! The longest cut on the album clocks in at 5:46, while the shorter interludes, namely the title track, would do well with an extra minute or two tacked on the end for good measure. It’s a minor complaint, to be sure, and for fans of this sort of forward-thinking instrumental hip-hop, it’s sure to receive some heavy play in ’09.
Carl Ritger
File Under: DJ Krush, Jan Jelinek, Flying Lotus