2019 Rewind: FLmm & Time Traveler


How was 2019?
FLMM & Time Traveler: 2019 was a year full of changes. We met new people and started a lot of new collaborations. We can definitely say it has been a really interesting year which gave us the power and right mindset to achieve our goals. So yeah, stay with us and you will see so many things happening in the next year.

The amount of releases that we’ve been able to plan with so many great artists that we never imagined would be involved in the label. The biggest satisfaction will be the first V/A that we have planned for March/April 2020 that involves 18 artists and it will be printed on three vinyls. Of course I have to mention our first collab as FL/TT on our label, “Power Levelling Sequence,” with another one in the works for the new year.

We didn’t really feel connected to the scene. As you know, there have been so many changes and it was hard to keep up, we even considered stopping everything. We were too focused on what people around us were thinking rather than sticking to our passion and minding our own business as we always did in the past. Surely this job is really tricky and affects you mentally, even with everything that’s going on with social. We started to see that we’re not the only artists facing this conflict, so yeah it was a bit discouraging but it’s important to remember where you come from and let those thoughts prevail instead. Now we’re finally back in the business and our music will be louder than ever.

Song of the year?
One of the tracks you won’t ever miss in our sets is definitely Mätäsism’s “MF” on Emerald Records.

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To be even more focused in our projects, and definitely put more quality music out.

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