2017 Rewind: DJ S.K.T


How was 2017 for you?
DJ S.K.T: 2017 was good for me. I had a great summer playing at all the major UK festivals plus all the summer islands abroad including several dates at Amnesia for Cream. My radio show on Kiss has been going really well too and having that gives me a lot of exclusives to play out in clubland!

Playing at Amnesia for Cream alongside legend Fatboy Slim was definitely a highlight! Playing main stage at WeAre Festival was another great experience!

Unfortunatley, at the beginning of the year, I caught pnumonia which knocked me out for almost six months. It’s been quite a struggle to get back up on my feet again and to get everything moving forward!

Song of the year?
Camelphat & Elderbrook’s “Cola”

What’s your New Year’s resolution?
To be more organized and to look after myself a lot better. Being in this industry, working literally nonstop is great but you also have to remember to make time for yourself and your own well being.