2019 Rewind: DJ Deep

DJ Deep

How was 2019 for you?
DJ Deep: Quite busy! A lot of nice DJ gigs, and I feel this year I managed to combine house and techno gigs in a nice and inspiring way. I think in an era where things sometimes need to be clearly “labelled” it is my strength to be open-minded as any true music lover is! Maybe my Open Library show on Worldwide FM helps communicate better on this topic. The fact we could combine both our Sergie Rezza remix (with Roman Poncet) and my solo remix of Point G on the same twelve-inch made me really happy, as it also helped feature the different styles and flavors that I try and produce.

I’ve also been quite productive in the studio for Raw Cuts Vol. 1 and 2 on Deeply Rooted, which received a nice welcome on both on vinyl and digital formats.

Playing all night long with Jeff Mills for Tsugi’s anniversary back in March; playing all night long with Kerri Chandler at Rex Club in August; and talking about loving house and techno. I couldn’t be happier!

I try [to use] the lowlights as strength to come back with stronger and more inspiring projects. Therefore, when I have extra free time, I try and use it for being as productive as possible in the studio!

Song of the year? 
Moodymann’s “Sinner.” Loving the music and attitude of this whole new album by Mr. Kenny Dixon Jr.


What’s your New Year’s resolution?
Start trusting my instinct more! I am always inspired by my friends’ advice, and I follow them often, but I think it is also important I keep following my instinct, as it’s been guiding me for 30 years in this music world!

Image by Keffer